Reserve Technicians for 2022 Scheduled Plant Shutdowns

Here’s how Lee can help with your scheduled shutdowns:


The Lee Vessel Service Program offers skilled, factory-trained service technicians who can assist you with your shutdown. Complete the form on this page to take advantage of this service. This service fills up quickly; so let us know right away if you’d like to reserve a technician.

The Vessel Service Program includes:

  • Vessel inspection and testing: Complete vessel inspection and operation testing
  • Pressure testing: Vessel pressure testing
  • Drive inspection: Inspect motor, gearbox and driveshaft
  • Agitator shaft: Agitator shaft alignment check and adjustment
  • Complete drive system check: Inspect and replace gearbox drive gears, bearings, bushings and seals, as needed
  • Complete drive wear parts check: Inspect and replace drive and agitator bearings, bushings and seals
  • Complete vessel check: Inspect, adjust or repair vessel cover lift mechanisms; cover/lid hinges; manway covers; automatic shutoff switches and other operator safety features
  • Scraper blades: Inspect and replace scraper blades and pins
  • Ball valves: Inspect and replace ball valve seals and o-rings as needed

Also, be sure to download the Scheduled Service Checklist, which outlines recommendations for what to inspect and replace during your scheduled shutdown.

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